ICF System

ICF System Preparation

The question of how to install an ICF system is common among experienced builders and contractors interested in exploring technology for the first time. Here are the basic steps to getting started with this innovative architecture technology.

Begin In The Corner:

Begin by creating an outline of where the building will stand, followed by the ICF unit in the form of a corner.  This will form the basis around which you carry out your construction project. As with any project, it pays to know where you’re working and where to start.

Appropriate External Dimensions:

The standard form is cut and placed from the edge to obtain the appropriate wall length. Generally, there is no hole in the slab under rating conditions. Begin to form after the second course, and implement stiffener.

Place the horizontal steel in the foam unit of the cavity in preparation for wall reinforcement.

Level Off:

After completing the second step, you can use a laser level to get perfectly square, vertical and flat walls. This is one of the most important stages in any construction project, giving you that flat, professional finish you’re looking for and making the structure stronger, overall.


Stack devices together. Some units are suitable for friction, but others use vertical interlocks to secure themselves horizontally. The ICF unit is male / female (think LEGO BLOCK) or interlocking device at the top and bottom of the foam is fully reversible.

Windows And Door Preparation:

Next, the installer will use a buck material to install and secure the windows and doors. Bucks made of wood or steel allow the concrete to be tilted back, formed in openings, and utilized and connected with all ICF systems. With your wall, windows and doors fully integrated, you’ll be able to finish your wall off for full functionality.