ICF Energy Efficiency

A Word On ICF Energy Efficiency

Insulated concrete forms or ICFs are one of the most fascinating developments in home construction. As a result of its added energy efficiency, it’s quickly gained a reputation as the building material of choice for the discerning homeowner.

Join us for a closer look at why ICF homes are so incredibly energy efficient, and make the smart choice for your home construction, today!

ICF Homes Use Less Energy To Heat and Cool

If you’re creating a better-insulated home, the first thing you want is to use less energy to do your insulating. Luckily for homeowners, then, that houses built with ICF exteriors clock in at an impressive 32% colder than wooden frame houses. Even larger homes tend to save more energy on average, and in colder areas, this translates into improved heating savings as well.

And these savings are not insignificant, either. Estimates show around $200 on energy costs can be from month to month, though your own savings may vary.

ICF Minimizes Structure Leaks

ICF structures, by their nature, are all about a tight fit. This reduces air leaks both into and out of the house, compared to traditional wooden framed houses. Studies show that dozens of homes across the US experienced much dryer, more pleasantly leak-free environments as a result of their ICF understructure. And the less your home’s air has to do with the air outside, the better for your energy efficiency.

HVAC Efficiency

ICF houses also boast extremely energy efficient designs to match smaller furnaces and compressors. ICF buildings typically require less powerful HVACs to handle their air conditioning, saving between $ 500 and $ 2,000 per family.

Longer House Lifespans

When we talk about ICF housing, one of the biggest things to consider is the longevity of your home once it’s been built. ICF makes an improvement over traditional timber frame houses, creating stronger, more wear-resistant walls and exteriors. As we’ve mentioned, it also slows leakages around walls, doors, and windows. With increased resistance against a variety of pests and the impact of gradual leakages, ICF construction leads to a tougher house, overall. And there’s nothing more energy efficient than a house you’re not constantly repairing.

Interested in the benefits of ICF energy efficiency in your new home? Visit Hurricane Home Builders today, and discover a new standard in home construction.