Hurricanes destroy homes. Make an investment in your safety, today, with Hurricane Home Builders!

ICF: For Hurricane-Ready Homes

A home is forever, but hurricanes cause over $25 billion worth of damage in the US every year. And a lot of that money goes straight into destroyed homes. With hundreds of houses across the country at risk, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) have become the material of choice for safety-conscious homeowners. Make an investment in your hurricane-ready, energy-efficient home and complete your ICF walling in the finish of your choice.

Bring safety home, with ICF structures.


Owner, Brad Nutting, and Keith Saltz, vice president of field operations, set out to create a better building business. Something that would combine sophisticated concrete construction techniques with cutting edge ICF materials and components for safer, stronger homes.

The result is ICF.us, a group of construction services covering everything from home building to component rental and design. Get everything you need to build the home you want and keep it safe in the face of disastrous hurricanes, with professional ICF services from ICF.us!

Discover industry-insights with our education section and learn everything you need to know about the benefits of ICF structures in your home. Get your ICF construction off on the right foot with bracing and component rentals from some of the leading brands in the industry. And find ICF blueprints from some of the best names around with our ICF Design page.